I have no idea why but I get like really mad at people who are well off with like money? idk Ik it’s stupid it’s just that it annoys me a lot when I see cishet rich white boys complaining about their life, about the stupidest fucking shit ever that they probably caused themselves by being fucking idiots literally, when in reality they have so much and they really have a fantastic life and a family who really care for them ect but they’re just whiny spoilt brats who don’t lift a finger in their house and get so much money and loads of ridiculously expensive presents that my family would never be able to get, like for real these people don’t know the meaning of hardship and it really pisses me off sorry but ugh ik it’s stupid and I shouldn’t judge others peoples lives and I don’t have a right to really say any of that and blah blah idgaf I needed to rant